Differentiation between Body Building and Weight Loss

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People often may consider body building and weight loss as one and the same. With misinterpretation or lack of information, people may join a body building camp for reducing weight. It is important to realize the difference, between the two and consider them, independent of each other. These procedures are quite different in nature but, people consider it one and same.

Difference in the meaning

It is important to decode the meaning of each of the words in order to gain an insight about them. Body building means shaping and construction of body in a particular style, generally rough and tough. On the other hand, the weight loss process deals with the reduction of weight and restructuring of the body, by burning the excess amount of calories in the body.

Difference in action plan and procedure

The procedure for body building is more strict and stringent, when compared to the weight loss procedures. The body building procedures deal with heavy workouts, involvement of heavy equipments, etc. This is a process, which is generally carried out under the guidance of an expert. Body building without guidance of an expert, could lead to severe health problems. It deals with shaping of existing muscles to improve power, stamina, appearance and personality.

Weight loss deals with small amounts of workout and not with too much of heavy weights and heavy equipments. It also deals with exercises, which concentrate on improving inner body system. Weight loss techniques can be performed under minimum expert guidance.

Difference in output

The basic objective of body building is to shape muscles and enhance their strength and personality. But, the basic objective of weight loss is to reduce weight. During the process of body building, a person may gain weight. But, during the process of weight loss this will not happen. Thus, output in case of body building, is a re-defined body structure, while the output in case of weight loss, is a reduced body structure.

Which one to prefer?

Selection of the procedure is done by interest and objectives. If a person wants to show off with muscles, biceps, six pack or eight packs, etc, he/she should prefer body building. On other hand, if a person wants to just implement sober techniques and reduce weight and gain fitness, he/she shall prefer weight loss techniques. In my opinion, people who want to be called real men should opt for body building programs, while teenagers and women should look for weight loss programs.

Food Products to avoid for weight loss

Weight Loss 15 August 2012 | 0 Comments

There are certain food products, which one should avoid in order to, prevent excessive weight gain. These products may be, one of the reasons for obesity. Restricting or controlling consumption of such products can sometimes, even help in weight loss. It is important to know the content of fats and carbohydrates before consuming any item.


Butter is a product, which is widely used in many food items of daily consumption. A small scoop of butter in the toast does enrich the taste of the toast, but carries a lot of cholesterol and fats, which may cause obesity. The cholesterol and fats also harm the heart directly and are one of the prime reasons for heart diseases. Many companies often promise that, modern butter products are fat and cholesterol free. Their claims cannot be trusted, as they are not proven so.

Thus, a person should reduce consumption of butter, by using it to a level as minimum as possible, in order stay fit and healthy. The biggest drawback of heavy consumption of butter is that, it makes the person passive and lazy.

High Sugar products

Products containing heavy sugar content should be avoided. These products are extremely harmful, as they put extra burden on digestion system of our body. Especially, items made available in the market, with high contents of sugar, should be avoided, as they are not made of 100% pure sugar. The items are adulterated and are not fit for regular consumption.

Soft Drinks and Chocolates

These products attract lot of people. These products are one of the prime reasons, why the obesity is spreading across the world at a rapid pace. These products contain lot of mixed items and less of natural items. It is extremely difficult to get rid of the fats accumulated by consumption of these items. One can get rid of these fats, only by following the ‘Venus Factor’ tutorial!

Liquor and similar products

People take reviews of various items before buying or using them. For example, ‘Venus Factor’ tutorials, they consider the ‘Venus Factor Review’ in order to analyze it. But, people only find excuses in the reviews, to follow their heart. They believe what they want to believe and not the truth.

Nowadays, people consume liquor and similar products without actually realizing, whether it is a useful product or not. These products generate heat in the body, by increasing fat content. Consistent and large consumption of these products can make a person, obese or over weight in an extremely short period of time.

Causes of Miss-Implementation of Weight Loss Program

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Can mis-implementation of weight loss program, cause serious problems? The answer is weight loss program may affect us in a negative way, in extremely rare cases. Even if a thin, person carries out weight loss program, it will be surprising to know that, he will not reduce weight but, become more healthy and fit. Only miss implementation of weight loss can cause some problems.

Miss implementation means over exercising, extra workouts, inconsistency, experimentation, etc. People do not understand the science behind weight loss and thus, they experiment too much casing problems for themselves.

Weight Gain

Weight loss programs, when not implemented properly can result in weight gain also. Skipping meals on the name of diet can increase the gas content in the stomach. This increases weight of a person significantly. Inconsistency, while performing the action plan of a weight loss program can only help in popping out of stomach for a few extra inches, as the body is subjected to inconsistent changes.

Health Problems

Health problems are adverse effects of any program related to body. Improper implementation of weight loss programs can cause serious stomach and intestine related problems. Sometimes due to inconsistent and excess exercises, pain in the joints, hands and legs are common. Consistent over workout and exercise can cause drastic weight loss, which might be dangerous too. There should always be slow and steady weight loss. Drastic or sudden weight loss is a symptom for danger.


Deficiency of basic required vitamins and minerals in the body causes malnutrition. Over caution with respect to food habits, fasting, skipping meals, etc, can cause malnutrition in people. People, experiment with certain products, which asks them, to be consumed for the entire day on a without consumption of other products. A powder drink or corn flakes for an entire day on a consistent basis can only malnourish you and not reduce your weight. This is seen more in case of women and children.

Why to lose weight?

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We keep hearing a lot about weight loss programs, their benefits, their need, etc, but, why is it actually important? Why do we need a weight loss program? Is it so important? We need to analyze the reasons for it. People nowadays, may have the right balanced weight but, still would want to join a weight loss program. Thus, it would be worthy enough to know the genuine reasons for joining a weight loss program and then, think about, if we are missing something in our routine.

To look good

People may be overweight and might be used to a lot of criticism and discrimination. Thus, they would like to improve their looks, get the stomach a few inches inside, reduce the bulky look from the personality and look good. This is the most common reason, why teenager or young people get attracted towards weight loss programs.

The problem with these youngsters is that, they lose their patience quickly and do not follow the procedures consistently and end up blaming the weight loss programs. Consistency and patience are two important factors to be kept in mind. They should make sure that, their desire for good looks should motivate them, towards it.

Increase Stamina and Fitness

It is important to note that weight loss is a continuous process. It has to become a part of the lifestyle, in order retrieve excellent results from it. Regular weight loss training or workouts can help in building excellent stamina. Many sport persons, carryout weight loss exercises in order to increase their stamina. When stamina improves, automatically the fitness level of body and mind improves. This is an essential benefit to all individuals, irrespective of their profession and locality.

Repel Diseases Away

Weight loss training or workout is an effective way to repel all the diseases, away from the body. It helps in increasing immunity and re-stores activeness in the mind and body. Weight loss programs help in cleaning the inner system of the body like respiration, digestion, movement, etc, and hence, it helps in keeping a person disease free, for a longer period of time. The biggest disease it prevents is obesity.

Increase Life Span

It is proven that, people using natural methods for weight loss, like aerobics, walking, yoga, etc, can live up to 5 years more than others. This is a significant increase in life span. Thus, people between the age group of 30 years and 45 years, are largely attracted towards weight loss programs.